Youth Discussion Starters: Roll the Dice

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Get die to roll. Have each youth roll the die and then the number it lands on is the category they must answer or do. When you run out of one category, have them roll again or choose a category.

  1. Family
    1. Who do you get along with the most in your family?
    2. Who do you get along with the least in your family?
    3. If there was only one family member you could go on vacation, who would that be and why?
    4. Who is the craziest relative you have and why that person?
    5. Who in your family makes you laugh?
    6. Who in your family makes you the most nervous?
    7. If you could switch rooms in your house with a family member, what family member would you switch rooms with?
    8. Who has the best hygiene in your family?
    9. Who has the worst hygiene in your family?
    10. If there was one thing in your house your family would save in a fire, what would you all agree on to save?
  2. Social
    1. How many close friends do you have?
    2. A place I like to hang out with my friends is at ____.
    3. You would rather communicate with your friends: in person; talk over the phone; or messaging.
    4. Yes or No. My friends know me very well.
    5. The best quality I look for in a friend is ______.
    6. My friends know not to do this to me….
    7. If you were stuck on a deserted island for one month with one friend, what friend would that be and why?
    8. When looking for friends, what red flags show you not to choose them?
    9. Yes or No. My parents or guardians generally like the friends I choose.
    10. The ages of my friends are typically older or younger than me.
  3. Spiritual
    1. One thing I don’t understand about God is….
    2. The hardest part about including God in my life every day is…
    3. For me, the best character attribute God has is…
    4. The best part about church is…
    5. One thing I don’t like about church is…
    6. My phone helps or hurts my relationship with God.
    7. Yes or No. My friends encourage my walk with God.
    8. When it comes to knowing God better, this person helps me out the best… whether they know it or not.
    9. The Bible is or is not hard for me to understand. Please explain.
    10. What does it mean to give your heart to God?
  4. Worldview
    1. The most important world issue to me is…
    2. In my own world around me, the most important issue is…
    3. I would love to live in the country of ____ because….
    4. The language I want to learn is _____. Why that one?
    5. What is real to you?
    6. What are the basis for your values?
    7. How should you treat other people?
    8. Is the universe all that there is or is there more to reality than what we can know?
    9. Are things black and white to you or is there a lot of gray areas?
    10. What is the “elephant in the room” that you see the most?
  5. You pick a category.

  6. Everyone votes on what category you get.

Download PDF of this discussion.

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