Youth Discussion Starters: Family Questions

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Here are some family questions to ask your youth group. If you hear silence, re-word the question a different way. These questions might bring up family issues for you to take note of to help you build better relationships with your youth.

  1. If they made a movie about your family, who should star as your family members? Explain.
  2. Who do you treat better, your family or your friends? Why?
  3. What’s one dream you have for your family? How can you help make that dream come true?
  4. How does your faith in Jesus affect your relationship with your family? Be specific.
  5. What do you like best about your family?
  6. What is the worst thing about having siblings? What is the best?
  7. If God came down to talk to you personally about your relationship with your family, what would He tell you?
  8. When is the age a child should be making decisions on his/her own?
  9. When I have a family, I am definitely not going to …

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