Youth Discussion: Social Media and the Christian

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Use these discussion questions to help foster a cordial discussion on the use of social media as a Christian. Try to stay away from telling them it is wrong to be on these apps, as it will more likely generate no discussion. As a Christian grows closer to Christ, the Holy Spirit draws them away from what is no good for them. Let the Holy Spirit work.

  1. How do you think social media can positively or negatively affect our relationship with God?
  2. How can we use social media to share our faith and connect with others in a positive way?
  3. What are some ways to maintain healthy boundaries and guard against the negative effects of social media?
  4. How can we use social media to stay informed and educated on current events, while also being mindful of the potential for misinformation and bias?
  5. How can we be a positive influence on our friends and followers on social media, while also being true to our own beliefs and values?

Download this discussion as a PDF.

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