Tough Discussion Questions for Youth – 1

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Use these discussion questions to get your youth to start talking. Make sure you allow for everyone’s input.

You may get a wide range of standards in the answers that are given, but do not rebuke the youths’ responses. Facilitate the discussion so that other youth can defend the “right” answers. If you try to ask the question and then tell them their answer is wrong, then they won’t answer any more questions. Help create an atmosphere where they can feel free to express their thoughts.

  1. Do you believe it’s acceptable to watch R-rated movies? Why or why not?
  2. Do you believe parents should restrict their kids from certain web sites or give them total freedom on the Internet?
  3. Do you believe there’s music that Christians shouldn’t listen to?
  4. If so, what music? Are there any TV shows that they shouldn’t watch? If so, what shows?
  5. Do you believe it’s okay for Christians to have guns in their homes? Why or why not?
  6. Is it wrong for Christians to overeat? Why or why not?

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