• This is what I do for a living.

  • Virtual Events

    Live events within your WordPress website with registration-only access.

  • Web Design

    Designing for the user experience without the noise. Memberships, Analytics, SEO, SEM, and SMM as well.

  • Graphic Design

    Over 25+ years experience.

  • Consulting

    Let's talk to make your project successful.

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  • This is what I do for life.

    Youth Ministry

    I love working with young people and helping them not make the same mistakes I did as a youth. I have worked with youth for over 20 years and I want to share the resources I have either developed, borrowed, and used over the years.

    I want to use my experience to help you be successful in youth ministry.

    • Youth Programming Ideas

      Browse my collection of youth programming and ministry ideas.

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    My Thoughts on the Book of Genesis